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How complete must your start-up product be?


14 March 2017

Custom software development takes start-up’s limited time and resources. Start-ups must plan how they attract people, what they develop in the first line, when they present features, and what they do with the feedback. Start-up development can be divided into concrete steps in order to remain effective and reach the goal which is the release of new software demanded by the market.

9 March 2017

Every development team must consist of sufficient number of team members who have different expertise on the project. Optimal team squad guarantees every team member is responsible for some scope of work with no overlap. This is why there must be not too many people in the team to start bureaucracy instead of effective communication and smooth workflow.

20 December 2016

When making a successful project, startups need help of various IT professionals hence, plan how to do the scope of the work for optimal time, costs, and effort. In this blog post, you will read how different software development options (namely, an in-house team, a nearshore/offshore development partner, and a remote dev team) differ from each other. Here you find the benefits and drawbacks of each option and the reasons why you should be flexible in your development strategy.

12 December 2016

Start-up founders might think for various reasons that coding skills are a must for the success of their project. But not everyone who builds a project worth millions of dollars knows how to programme. Here is why. Startup development includes many activities and knowing how to code is just one of them. But it is not the core. While programming background is needed to build a prototype or explain initial requirements to the team, it does not guarantee the success. Are there any other options?

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