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29 March 2018

An accurate prediction of app timeline and budget is crucial for its overall success. This post discusses how different aspects of software development and maintenance affect total costs for a mobile app and how businesses can save on software development.

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5 March 2018

Mobile apps for start-ups have become a technological driver to change UAE economy. With a strong support of the talented entrepreneurs by the local government, UAE has transformed to the leading tech hub in MENA region gathering many mobile app start-ups in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here is how it works.

12 December 2017

Everyone can find a reliable software development team using just four steps. Below we discuss when, where and how you can select a software development company that provides you with the needed expertise to finish your project keeping inline with the budget and timeline.

23 November 2017

MVP development saves start-ups both time and resources enabling them to shorten time to market. There are several reasons to apply for MVP strategy as well as five steps for its implementation.

18 October 2017

Businesses often start mobile application development for one reason: getting customers. Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous. Those who have a mobile presence are present in customers’ minds. How do mobile apps help grow sales and improve business image and popularity? Improve customer experience Customised apps make life easier for customers when no keyboard is within reach.

14 March 2017

Custom software development takes start-up’s limited time and resources. Start-ups must plan how they attract people, what they develop in the first line, when they present features, and what they do with the feedback. Start-up development can be divided into concrete steps in order to remain effective and reach the goal which is the release of new software demanded by the market.

9 March 2017

Every development team must consist of sufficient number of team members who have different expertise on the project. Optimal team squad guarantees every team member is responsible for some scope of work with no overlap. This is why there must be not too many people in the team to start bureaucracy instead of effective communication and smooth workflow.

20 December 2016

When making a successful project, startups need help of various IT professionals hence, plan how to do the scope of the work for optimal time, costs, and effort. In this blog post, you will read how different software development options (namely, an in-house team, a nearshore/offshore development partner, and a remote dev team) differ from each other. Here you find the benefits and drawbacks of each option and the reasons why you should be flexible in your development strategy.

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