Businesses often start mobile application development for one reason: getting customers. Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous. Those who have a mobile presence are present in customers’ minds. How do mobile apps help grow sales and improve business image and popularity?


Improve customer experience


Customised apps make life easier for customers when no keyboard is within reach. Via mobile apps, businesses can help their customers accomplish what they need to do from accessing contact information and services of any kind to in-app purchases and statistics. Too often websites do not respond to mobiles. Some do, but they do not save essential information. But mobile apps do save essential information on mobile devices making life a lot less stressful for customers. For example, with online booking and purchasing, – customers buy tickets, save the purchase information on their smartphones then show this at the entrance as a QR code to be scanned by a “gatekeeper”. The customer can take all necessary steps with only one device and one app. This avoids wasting time on tedious, often fruitless searches for needed information contained in a document or an email. Improve customer experience


Increase audience engagement


A mobile app is equally important when showing benefits of a business: announcing new arrivals, best deals, trending items, discounts, reviews and much more. Using an app, customers can get the latest news and share on social media. Another important feature is data collection of customer feedback. When customers rate the service or write their feedback directly via the app, the app automatically sends it to a CRM system where it is processed. Please note: it is essential to have the correct mobile app development services. On the bright side, businesses can use this information to measure customer satisfaction level and improve bottlenecks. Increase audience engagement


Save customers’ time on routine operations.


Many companies start app development because of customer demand. Their customers regularly use some website features using mobile devices and companies do not want to miss out. Both processing speed and convenience become crucial. When businesses help accomplish a regular task with less effort, they get a loyal customer. Also, a killer feature of many mobile apps is their inclusion into omnichannel business strategies. Omnichannel helps brands with consistency. Customers get all available means to always stay in touch with a brand (brick-and-mortar store, call centre, branded social media pages, chat bots, responsive website and mobile app) and get what they want in the most convenient manner. To sum up, to keep pace with the growing popularity of mobile devices, businesses should develop their mobile development strategy. Businesses need to stay current with their tech-savvy customers who turn to mobile devices to search and research brands.

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