Reasons for UAE tech start-ups growth


UAE has been home to many tech start-ups, making this country the leading innovative hub in the MENA region.

The UAE government has prepared fertile ground to encourage app development for start-ups. The country’s growing network of talents, support by venture capital and government institutions, new legislation and positive global image fuel the growth of the number of start-up using innovative technologies for their projects.


A mobile app for start-ups


The app-first way of thinking has become commonplace because of the growing number of personal smart devices worldwide, like smartphones, tablets and wearables. People have become accustomed to using their smartphones for many of their everyday activities. As always, great demand creates myriad opportunities for start-ups to get funding for mobile apps to satisfy those needs.

From laundry to learning, catering to healthcare and real estate to indoor navigation, mobile apps for start-ups affect all industries.

mobile app for start-ups


Start-up businesses’ contribution to UAE economy through mobile apps


Many of UAE-based start-ups have succeeded greatly, capturing almost two-thirds of the Middle East’s smartphone mobile-app business. Start-up businesses have created a strong market presence in both the UAE and Gulf Region while the Mena region accounts for up to 10 % of mobile traffic and revenue generation worldwide.

However, every start-up faces tough competition and need for funding. To stand out from the crowd, start-ups must deliver the highest quality in terms of technology, functionality and user experience.

Hence, it is crucial to create a realistic start-up business plan for developing a mobile app, thus avoiding common errors many first-time start-ups too often make.

startup mobile app business uae


Working with a mobile app development company present in UAE


Start-ups are restricted by time – or lack thereof. They have but a short time from inception of a raw idea to getting a basic app to market. Start-ups need a functioning mobile app developed quickly. But they tend to “want it all” and do not concentrate on a specific, attainable goal. To reach the initial goal quickly, a start-up can hire a reliable mobile app development company with a presence in UAE that can help with development and technological consulting, thus saving start-ups crucial time for more important activities like getting their business up and running.

Another mistake is trying to reach the market with a perfect product that has everything potential users might like. Instead, start-ups should build an MVP (minimum viable product) that focuses on basic features. This strategy makes it possible to test the product earlier in the market and determine what the users really want. This saves both development time and costs.

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