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Why relate to custom software development for start-ups?

Start-ups need a helping hand from those who know what is possible within a given timeline and budget, and can turn a plan into working software.

Outsourcing development teams specifically catering to start-ups add crucial technical expertise to start-ups saving time on hiring new members and helping cope with a continuously growing scope of work.

Development teams enable start-ups to focus on the essence of their business: business development strategy while working hard to deliver a digital solution to the market.

How does a start-up development process work?

Our development team is happy to assist you at every stage of your product development process.


Manage solution requirements to see what is possible within your planned budget and timeline, suggest the best technologies to use and scope of work to formulate optimal iteration plan


Create product source code based on established iteration plan, integrate 3rd-party services to boost development process, ensure right architecture for service scalability and future upgrades


Test source code to ensure it works smoothly under different scenarios


Publish the app in app stores and/or in case of a Web app, launch it on the Internet

Updates and upgrades

Implement new features or improve existing ones to provide a fully custom solution

Our services for start-ups

We work on any aspect of start-up development – from inception to finished product:


A sketch of the future solution to show investors and/or an audience to raise interest in the product and get funding.

Minimum Viable Product

A ready-to-use mobile or Web app with only core functionality of the full product, created to collect feedback and study user engagement.

Technology Migration

Needed for any and all 3rd-party services the app uses that do not improve app performance, creates security issues, or has reached end of life and will no longer be supported.

Product Redevelopment

The app needs to pivot or even start from scratch. Sometimes, the product helps discover user needs but does not satisfy them. Or, the app architecture becomes sluggish because of constantly growing numbers of users. We help create new source code and seamlessly migrate user accounts to a new platform.

Why hiring our software developers for your start-up?

With our remote development team, you keep your life simple and flexible: we focus on development of your product, you focus on your business.

Working Agile

You see the result after every iteration. Depending on project complexity, we schedule a weekly or a daily call to discuss progress comparing ‘to-do’ and ‘done’ lists and determine if it is what end-users need.

Large industry expertise

We’ve been helping start-ups from various industries, including indoor navigation, eLearning, healthcare, logistics, corporate networks, corporate management systems, smart planners, and many more.

Realistic approach

Your success is our success. If a feature might cost you too much or there is a better option to meet your requirement, we will always tell you.

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